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These comments—from printed reviews and letters from our clients—are the best evidence of the content, quality, and usefulness of the employee awareness-training programs we produce.
Who We Are

"...Another in their remarkable series of compliance films geared for maximum employee impact."

"A chilling message for any employee—from the secretary to the CEO."

"Many people classify antitrust compliance videotapes into two basic categories: The Price, and everything else. This film is clearly the leader, is clearly the best."

"Keep them coming, keep them fresh, and keep the message strong and practical."

"Very well done...informative and an accurate portrayal of what really happens. I experienced first-hand many of the scenarios brought to life in your videotapes."

"By far the most powerful and educational video ever produced."

"...Ingeniously devised...It has everything needed to express our concerns about PC and LAN security."

"Creates a climate within companies that encourages compliance."

"...In a class by themselves."

"You could hear a pin drip in the room after the video was screened."

"It takes a business person where most have never been—right into the guts of a Federal prosecution."

"...Brings home to non-lawyers the importance of many points outside their areas of expertise. This makes my job easier."

"...Singularly effective in creating an awareness and understanding of significant legal issues by corporate managers. They should be part of every corporate counsel's preventative law program."

"The most intelligent, powerful, sophisticated, and substantial training videos on the market today—scrupulously researched, expertly written, professionally produced messages about today's critical issues."

"In the antitrust area, it has been suggested that failure to use The Price almost amounts to malpractice."

"Commonwealth Films is the best in the business."

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