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Just a few of the many reasons why tapping into Commonwealth's wealth of experience and expertise makes sense for your employee awareness-training initiatives.
Why Buy a Commonwealth Program

Our programs are produced in consultation with top industry experts, corporate and government professionals—people that are "in the trenches" solving information security and legal compliance problems every day at the premier organizations from around the world.

Viewers/users identify with the characters in our dramatized programs. They retain the training points at a much higher rate than from attending a "stand-up" lecture or a written memo.

Our programs illustrate people in situations representative of what your employees encounter in their workplace everyday.

Commonwealth programs are comprehensive awareness training resources. You can instantly bring new employees and contract workers "up-to-speed" on information security and legal compliance topics.

Low Cost Solution
The cost in time and labor to research, write and produce a dramatized program far exceeds the price "turn-key solution" ease of licensing our programs for use within your organization. Commonwealth programs are simply the best value in Information Security, Business Continuity, and Legal Compliance training available today.

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