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Our video-based dramatized narrative productions capture attention, raise awareness, motivate, and educate.
Video-based Programs

Based on actual incidents, investigations, and court cases—and featuring realistic situations about today's critical business issues—these engaging and acclaimed dramatized narrative productions serve as essential training tools that capture attention, raise awareness, motivate, and educate. By bringing important training points to life with real-world impact, these programs bring training to life by showing the legal, financial, business, and "human" consequences of non-compliance-consequences to organizations and to the lives of individual employees. Please see our About Us section for more details.

All of Commonwealth's video-based programs are available in VHS video format. Many of these titles are also available in CD-ROM (MPEG-1) and DVD formats for your convenience, as well. PAL and SECAM video formats are also available for some titles, for an additional fee. If you don't see your desired format listed for a particular program, please inquire.

Please note that network/intranet licenses of our video-based programs for deployment over your organization's own network/intranet are available. Commonwealth also offers multiple-title discounts for its video-based programs for clients wishing to purchase more than one title at once. Significant volume purchase discounts for purchases of multiple copies of a single program title can make broad distribution of multiple copies of these programs throughout your organization very cost-effective. Finally, foreign language versions of many of our titles are available (VHS sales only), and foreign language translation licenses serve organizations wishing to create their own, as well.

Explore our Programs/Services section to find a program or service that meets your particular training needs. Our Order Info section can also provide additional information about how to order a program, free preview/demo requests, licensing options, content customization services, our policies/terms, and more. See our Policies/Terms section for important information, too.

In addition to our video-based programs and in conjunction with Commonwealth Media Corporation, we now also offer a new and growing line of Web-based e-learning programs and a select line of print publications, as well.

Contact us for help locating a program or service to fit your specific awareness-training needs. For fastest service, you can reach one of our Client Relations Representatives via telephone at (617) 262-5634.

PLEASE NOTE: A purchase of a Commonwealth program (including digital media formats, such as CD-ROM and DVD) is a limited license to use said program, and is for single-copy, non-network use only (unless expressly authorized by Commonwealth in writing to the contrary via a written Network License Agreement). The program is not licensed for use, deployment, or storage/archiving of any kind on any form of server or electronic network of any kind, or any other form of multi-receive distribution/deployment/delivery system (now known or not yet known) or to be distributed via any method other than viewing the original media. Also, purchasers are not authorized to create any additional copies of the program, in whole or in part, for any purpose. Any form of duplication of our programs, even for "backup" purposes, is strictly prohibited. Additional terms/conditions apply. See our Policies/Terms section for details and contact us directly with any questions.

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