Web-Based E-learning

Extend the reach of your employee awareness-training initiatives

Reach all of your employees right at their desktops with Commonwealth's comprehensive, highly customizable, and easy-to-deploy Web-based e-learning programs…available right now for hassle-free, cost-effective, enterprise-wide deployment. Comprehensive, engaging, and highly customizable content; a highly accessible, flexible Web-based deployment platform; and an intuitive, user-friendly instructional design interface combine to distinguish our unique, self-paced e-learning training solutions.

Web-based & User-friendly

No-hassle Internet-based deployment means instant, enterprise-wide training now. Our universally accessible, browser-based Internet environment and state-of-the-art e-learning network platform help to ensure easy, consistent, highly flexible, 24/7 user access and headache-free, enterprise-wide deployment.

To access our state-of-the-art Web-based training programs, your employees need only a standard Internet connection (our programs are optimized for high-speed Internet access) and an up-to-date Web browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape) to access our state-of-the-art Web-based training. There's no complicated software for your IT Department to purchase, install, or maintain, and the e-learning programs themselves are fast, engaging, intuitive, user-friendly, and highly customizable to your organization's own policies. Please contact us with any additional questions, or we'll be happy to "talk technical" with your IT Department ourselves, if you prefer. See Technical Requirements for further details, too.

Engaging, comprehensive content focuses on today's most relevant issues

Each program within Commonwealth Media's new and growing library of Web-based e-learning programs features the same impeccable standards of accuracy, painstaking attention to detail, an unparalleled commitment to the highest standards of educational research and expertise, and extensive consultation and collaboration with top international experts—as well as the same high degree of engaging and memorable dramatic impact—that you've come to expect from a Commonwealth Films' production…now with the added bonus of high-level interactivity, extensive content customization options, and the unparalleled training flexibility and enterprise-wide "reach" that Internet-based training offers.

Topic modules within our programs focus on today's most relevant issues, and effectively target the awareness-training messages to the specific employee audiences to which they are intended.

A sample of the specific topic modules addressed within our disaster recovery/business continuity employee awareness-training Web-based program illustrates the comprehensive nature of our programs' content:

  Customized Management Welcome Section
  Introduction: Story-based Narrative Dramatized Sequence
  Section One: Main Teaching Section
The Emergency Response Team: What You Can Do:
  Risk Analysis, Planning, Testing   Don't Panic
  Mission   Employee Awareness, Access to Plan
  Contingency Planning   Stay Informed
  Terrorism, Sabotage, Corp. Espionage   Safety of Personnel
  Analysis   Prevention
  Prevention, Mitigation   Doc. Retention, Rec. Manag't, Back-Ups
  Business Impact   "Personal" or "Desktop Disasters"
  Recovery Time Estimates   Priorities
  Bus. Resumption Objectives, Priorities   No "End-Runs"
  Off-Site Business Recovery Centers   Security: Physical Access, Information Security
  Records Management Policies   Media/Public Relations
  Back-Ups, Off-Site Storage, "Hot Sites"   Customer Care, Confidence, Credibility
  Goal: Enterprise-Wide Plan   Records Reclamation, Salvage, Recovery
  Where to go for Help
  Positive Outcomes
  Section Two: Corporate Helpline Section
  Section Three: Summary Review Section
  Section Four: Interactive Question & Answer Section
  Section Five: Certificate of Completion of Training

Highly customizable content to reflect your organization's specific policies, procedures & corporate culture

Extensive content customization options throughout our e-learning programs allow for seamless integration of your organization's own branded identity and specific policies, procedures, and in-house resources including a client-customized onscreen welcome/introductory message from your organization's Management; an onscreen content customization feature that can personalize any and every main screen of the program to personalize and "qualify" the core information content to create a "custom-fit" with your own specific policies and procedures; a customized "Quicklinks" menu of links to your own online resources; a built-in online employee "Helpline & Contact Info" feature integrated into the program that connects your people directly, including via a direct email link, directly back to the right in-house resources at your organization; a client-customized, electronically submitted Certificate of Completion at the program's end for valuable user tracking; and more.

Content customization shows your people that the training has been custom-tailored to the specific needs and policies of your organization. And with Commonwealth Media's Web-based e-learning programs, that customization is done in a seamless, holistically integrated way—not just "tacked-on" to a generic, "one-size-fits-all" kind of program—ensuring that your people receive the specific, highly personalized awareness-training messages exactly as you want them delivered.

The end result is that your people experience a highly personalized, highly customized training program, and will recognize that your organization very much wants each and every one of its people to truly understand what is being presented, and also that the organization's highly committed Management team is "on call" to further assist them personally.

Valuable verification and tracking

A valuable client-customized online Certifying Statement of Completion of Training feature of our e-learning programs is designed to provide Management with valuable documentation of each participant's successful completion of the training.

Technical Requirements

Registered users' computing equipment should meet the following minimal criteria:
  • Web Browser: Internet Explorer (IE) 5.5 or higher; Netscape 4.74, 4.76, or 6.1.
  • High-Speed Internet Access: A high-speed connection to the Internet is recommended for optimal demo viewing and course use. (A dial-up version is also available for registered users).
  • Operating System & Computer Hardware: P2 300 processor or higher, ideally, with 128MB RAM.
  • Sound: Yes
  • Macromedia Flash® player, Version 6 or higher: As you may know, the free Macromedia Flash® player for Web-based applications now comes pre-installed into the leading Web browsers such as Internet Explorer® and Netscape®. The current version of the Flash® player (Version 6 or higher) is necessary for accessing Commonwealth's e-learning programs. The Flash® Player updating process is nearly effortless (a click of a button), only takes a moment, is free, and is IT Department-friendly. If you're not sure what version your browser currently includes or have any questions, call us or consult with your IT department directly.

Sample Table of Contents:

Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity: Planning, Testing, Readiness What Every Employee Needs To Know
  • Management's Welcome Section—An entirely client-customizable introductory/welcome message from your organization's Management greets your users prior to launching the main course.

  • Dramatized Narrative Introduction—A self-playing dramatized narrative storyline section captures user attention and brings to life the consequences of disaster recovery/business continuity non-compliance in an engaging, realistic, timely way. This particular scenario depicts what happens when a so-called "minor" disruption of operations escalates and is made worse by employee ill-preparedness and non-compliance with the organization's established policies and procedures.

  • Section 1: Main Teaching Section—This self-paced central teaching section of the program uses non-technical language to drive home the program's critical awareness-training points—always focusing on what individual employees can and should do to help the organization and themselves to be as aware and as prepared as possible.

  • Section 2: Corporate Helpline & Contact Info Section—This entirely client-customized section provides your people with easy, online access to your organization's internal contact resource information right at their fingertips. A pre-addressed e-mail link to the appropriate in-house resources at your organization-built right into the online program itself—can enable your employees to internally pursue specific questions, comments, or concerns immediately.

  • Section 3: Summary Review Section—This Web-accessible and printable Summary Review of the program's main teaching points promotes active retention of information, and can serve as an additional, valuable employee refresher or just-in-time resource later. Additional "More Details" pop-up text resources thought the program provide users with additional "drill-down" review and learning reinforcement opportunities, as well.

  • Section 4: Interactive Question & Answer Section—This self-paced, self-assessment section encourages critical thinking and applies and reinforces user knowledge acquired in the program in a positive, non-punitive manner, enabling users to explore the often gray or otherwise subjective areas of the particular issues at hand.

  • Section 5: Web-based Certificate of Completion of Training Section—This client-customizable user tracking feature at the conclusion of the program provides your organization's Management with valuable documentation and tracking of each participant's successful completion of the program and stated understanding of the information covered. Upon reaching the conclusion of the program, each user completes the client-customizable online Certificate of Completion form, accept (or reject) a straightforward, entirely client-customizable Certifying Statement of Completion of Training statement, then electronically submits that Certifying Statement document for Management's review and retention.

Index of E-Learning Programs

A comprehensive library of Web-based e-learning program titles is currently in active development at Commonwealth Media at this time; the following is a sampling of the program topics to look for very soon. Please email us us if you do not see a particular subject area of interest; we may already be developing a program in that area right now, as well, or might consider "fast-tracking" a particular program topic under certain circumstances. We can also custom-create specific e-learning programs exclusively for your organization through our Custom Productions Division, as well. Email us with any questions: development2@commonwealthmedia.com.

Legal Compliance
   Legal Compliance/Ethical Business Conduct
   Antitrust Compliance
   Environmental Compliance
   Product Liability
   Depositions, Discovery, Witness Preparation, Testifying in Court
   Employment Law
   Wrongful Termination
   Workplace Violence
   Sexual Harassment
   Copyright and Anti-Piracy Laws
   Intellectual Property Protection
   E-Mail/Internet Use and Security
   isaster Recovery/Business Resumption Planning
   Information/Records Management
Information/Computer Security
   Information Security
   Computer Security
   Laptop Security
   E-Mail/Internet Use and Security
   Disaster Recovery/Business Resumption Planning
   Information/Records Management
Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity
   Disaster Recovery/Business Resumption Planning
   Information/Records Management

Free Online Demo Requests

We invite you to request a free online demo of one of our comprehensive, Web-based e-learning programs. Please email us now to request demo access information and further details, and/or to ask any additional content-specific or technical questions. Please include your complete contact information, including the name of your organization and your work email address. One of our representatives will contact you promptly: demo@commonwealthmedia.com.


If you are interested in finding out more about enrolling your organization's people as registered users of Commonwealth Media's e-learning programs, please contact us to discuss your specific training needs, our extensive customization options, licensing details/terms, and more: license@commonwealthmedia.com.

Your feedback is important

We highly value your perspective regarding specific training subject areas of interest. We sincerely appreciate your input and continue to rely on valued clients like yourself to communicate what you want and need: feedback2@commonwealthmedia.com.

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