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Information Security ASAP:
As Secure As Possible

Essential Information Security Awareness-Training Every Employee Needs To Know


This new program offers all computer users -- enterprise-wide -- a substantive, engaging, up-to-date review of essential training points every computer user needs to know. Comprehensive content and a compelling dramatized "case-study" scenario combine to capture viewer attention while vividly illustrating why following established info security policies and procedures is critical. A total training solution you can use ASAP -- to help keep your people as secure as possible, as soon as possible.

Training Topics:
Five well-organized, topic-based training modules are designed to highlight today's end-user info security threats, and focus on what individual employees can actually do -- proactively -- to help safeguard and defend the systems and the information that they work with every day:

  • SECTION 1: Password Selection & Protection

  • SECTION 2: Beware of "Social Engineering"
  • SECTION 3: Internet/Email Uses & Abuses
  • SECTION 4: In-The-Office Threats
  • SECTION 5: Out-Of-The-Office Threats

  • Screen the program as a whole or in sections to accommodate specific training needs, priorities, end-user audiences, and training venues


    A total training solution to help keep your people "As Secure As Possible":
    One important message of this new end-user awareness-training program is that every single employee -- as a part of the "human factor" of information security -- plays a vital role when it comes to information security. End-user complacency is no longer an option and enterprise-wide understanding of and adherence to the organization's established info security policies and procedures is critical. Heightened awareness and vigilance against constantly evolving and multi-dimensional threats needs to become everyone's priority. And asking for help or clarification whenever in doubt is always the right thing to do.

    Engaging dramatized "case-study" captures attention and brings important messages to life:

    Employing Commonwealth's signature dramatized narrative production style -- in this case, centering on an engaging "case-study" of a computer worm virus outbreak and its young creator -- this program packs a powerful awareness-training punch for end-users at all levels in business and government:

    In a matter of minutes and totally without detection, the "knight_SNOOP" computer worm virus had swept across the world, infiltrating tens of thousands of some of the world's most secure corporate, government, and military computer systems. Who was responsible for penetrating these valuable -- and vulnerable -- targets? As it turned out, after more than three months of intensive investigation at the Federal level, it was determined that 17-year-old Benjamin Knight, back in his bedroom in Boston, was behind it all.

    In the end, Ben Knight was sentenced to 27 months of home confinement, followed by two years probation. As a way to begin to rebuild his life -- and to try to have "something positive come from all of this," as he says in the program -- Ben Knight also agreed to lend his unique "insider perspective," as narrator, to this innovative and engaging new program-effectively highlighting today's "real-world" info security dangers and vulnerabilities, and what individual end-users can do to help keep their organizations' systems "ASAP" -- as secure as possible, as soon as possible.

    The finished program stands as a powerful and effective -- and eye-opening -- awareness-training tool for all end-users.

    Comprehensive Content: five topic-based sections offer maximum training flexibility
    This comprehensive program's five subject-based training sections offer maximum flexibility when it comes to training specific groups of end-users. Screen the program in its entirety for groups or individual training, or opt to focus on one or more of the specific modules at a time -- perhaps spreading the total training over several sessions with time for detailed discussion, Q&A, etc.

    Inquire about special quantity discounts on DVD multi-packs of this program, which now make it easier and more cost-effective than ever to choose to distribute "personal copies" of this new program on DVD to each and every employee throughout the enterprise for solo viewing, on their own, for maximum impact and attention. It's now more affordable and cost-effective than you might think, and could provide for maximum end-user impact and attention, as well as training efficiency. Call to discuss your specific training needs.

    Network licenses of this program are also available for an additional fee for internal network deployment, allowing you to reach your employees right at their desktops. (Ask about our fully hosted Web-deployed version, too, for a more "turn-key" solution designed to allow for solo viewing at home or work.

    Program Outline
    Five subject-specific training modules highlight essential end-user awareness-training topics in one comprehensive, engaging, and highly efficient training solution:

  • The stakes have never been higher.
  • Professional hackers & industrial espionage operatives are real, sophisticated, and getting smarter, more effective, more organized, and more dangerous every day.
  • All end-users need to become actively involved in defending against the threats -- constant vigilance applied, like never before. Users must not become complacent or content that the IT Department or the big software companies are going to solve the problems because the "human factor" of information security is still...and will always be...a major issue.

  • SECTION 1: Passwords: Selection & Protection

  • Passwords are critical...your "electronic signature."
  • Follow organization policies.
  • Stay up-to-date.
  • Ask questions if ever unsure.
  • Keep your passwords secret.
  • Keep your passwords secure.
  • Choose your passwords wisely.
  • Avoid easy-to-guess passwords.
  • Change your passwords often.
  • Report suspected breaches immediately; time does matter.
  • Ask for help.
  • SECTION 2: Beware Of "Social Engineering"

  • "Social Engineering" explained: a cyber-con artist tactic of building trust and establishing credibility by duping unsuspecting or trusting employees with believable stories into divulging confidential information
  • Stay calm.
  • Trust your instincts.
  • Don't be rushed or bullied.
  • Creating a crisis: "I need your help!"
  • "I'm calling from IT..."
  • Don't give out confidential information over the phone or electronically.
  • If uncomfortable, end the contact & report it immediately

  • SECTION 3: Internet/Email Issues
  • Email & the Internet: a very "public" environment
  • Importance of organization policies
  • Computer viruses: common symptoms & warning signs to watch out for
  • Email-based viruses & worms
  • Email attachments
  • Links within emails
  • Internet-based viruses
  • Only download approved applications.
  • Virus hoaxes
  • What to do if you suspect an attack
  • Internet Scams
  • Phishing/pretexting
  • Identity theft: protecting sensitive information
  • Internet/email use & abuse at work
  • Email: not your personal property
  • Online activity while at work: users should have no expectation of privacy
  • Pornography & other inappropriate content

  • SECTION 4: In-The-Office Threats

  • Physical access controls
  • Visitors, service people, unescorted outsiders
  • Unattended & logged-on workstations
  • Practice a "clear your desk" policy.
  • Log-off or lock your workstation when away.
  • Safeguard physical documents in your charge
  • Hardcopy printouts/unsecured paper files
  • Originals left behind
  • Dumpster-diving: trash or treasure?
  • Removable media
  • Faxes left unattended
  • Shared network printers
  • Unauthorized physical access to your workspace
  • Hardware security
  • Secrets out for repair
  • "Unofficial" wireless access in the office
  • "Sniffer" software
  • Information management/document retention
  • Business continuity/disaster recovery
  • Importance of backups
  • Reporting "desktop disasters" ASAP

  • SECTION 5: Out-Of-The-Office Threats
  • On the road & out in public: restaurants, elevators, public spaces, commuting
  • Cellphones
  • Confidential conversations in non-secure environments
  • Business travel
  • Remote/public wireless access
  • Working from home, telecommuting
  • Laptop & handheld theft
  • Individual Price: $695.00
    [Please inquire for multiple-title discounts, volume purchase discounts, government discounts, network license terms, and e-learning license terms.]

    Item#: 3070

    Running Time: Approx. 25 Minutes

    Languages: English [Translation licenses are available.]

    Closed Captioning: Yes

    Ancillary Materials: Printed Study Guide [One trainer/sample copy of this copyrighted material is included with program; additional copies are available for sale/license in quantity for end-user distribution for additional user reinforcement and training.]

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