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The Right Thing (Video)
Doing Business Legally And Ethically


  • Also part of the Legal Compliance & Business Ethics Reference Library (boxed set).

  • Narrated by Dick Thornburgh, former Attorney General of the United States.

    Former Attorney General of the United States Dick Thornburgh helps deliver a broad and unequivocal message that Management values legal and ethical compliance as a highest priority.

    Training Topics:

  • Retaining Documents
  • Accounting And Reporting
  • Antitrust
  • Insider Information
  • Procurement Standards
  • Government Contracting
  • Protecting Intellectual Property
  • Information Systems
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA/F.C.P.A.)
  • Environmental Protection
  • Sexual Harassment

    Remind your employees where you stand, and tell investors, regulators and the public where your organization stands on legal compliance and business ethics. Your employees need to understand the policies and procedures your organization already has in place to keep operations proper and legal. And they need to be more aware than ever of what your company expects of all its employees with regard to ethical decision making and legal compliance.

    The message: “If everyone will follow their own best instincts—do their own jobs ethically and legally—businesses and business people will be known for what the vast majority truly are: honest, productive, constructive, competent, and deserving of the country's trust. It's imperative that you, your company and everyone in your industry make the first order of business: Doing the right thing.”

    Individual Price: $695.00
    [Please inquire for multiple-title discounts, volume purchase discounts, government discounts, network license terms, and e-learning license terms.]

    Item#: 1070

    Running Time: 18 Minutes

    Languages: English

    Closed Captioning: Yes

    Ancillary Materials:

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