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Antitrust Untangled UPDATED EDITION!
Self-Study Antitrust Compliance Workbook Program


2007 Updated Edition Now Available!
This acclaimed best-selling self-study workbook program has been fully reviewed and extensively updated!

The comprehensive, critically acclaimed, and up-to-date self-study antitrust compliance workbook program -- designed specifically for sales, supervisory, and management personnel -- is designed to help make the major antitrust compliance topics crystal clear to the lay business person. Real-world case-studies lead users to examine competitive behavior that is acceptable, questionable, and unacceptable, and always encourages users to check with their legal department and/or supervisor if ever in doubt.

Training Topics:

  • Overview of the Major Antitrust Laws and the Consequences of Non-Compliance (including historical perspective, and overviews of The Sherman Act, The Clayton Act, the Federal Trade Commission Act, and the consequences of antitrust violations.)
  • Relationships with Competitors (including price fixing; anti-competitive information exchange; market division and customer allocation; etc.)
  • Relationships with Customers and Suppliers (including customer selection and refusal to deal; exclusive dealerships; resale price maintenance; territorial and other customer restrictions; exclusive dealing and tying arrangements; reciprocal dealing.)
  • Discrimination in Prices, Allowances, and Services (including price discrimination, defenses, brokerage allowances; discrimination in services and allowances; unreasonably low pricing; buyer’s responsibility, etc.)
  • Unfair Methods of Competition
  • Related Information on State Laws, Antitrust Investigations, and Enforcement.


    No One Is Immune
    Antitrust Untangled is designed for anyone whose actions or dealings with customers, suppliers, or competitors impact your compliance situation daily and who could, therefore, put themselves and your company at risk.

    Using non-technical, easy-to-understand language, as well as compelling and memorable real-world examples to help re-enforce its teaching points, this long-established, newly updated program does not give legal advice. Rather, it is designed to complement what your company is already doing right now to get the word out about antitrust compliance:

  • alerts users to the risks of antitrust violations;
  • helps guide them away from “risky” behavior
  • encourages them to always seek the expert advice of legal counsel whenever they are unsure about what to do.

    How The Program Works
    Antitrust Untangled promotes active participation and critical thinking by presenting guidelines about “acceptable,” “questionable,” and “unacceptable” behavior and offers effective, real-world strategies for avoiding most of the common problems encountered in familiar situations – from trade association gatherings to meeting a competitor for lunch

    After reviewing short units of focused text and brief case-study examples, participants complete comprehension questions and application problems about real-life situations. Immediate feedback encourages practical understanding of the laws and teaching points. A Final Test, with explanations of the correct answers and references back to the applicable section(s) of the workbook, help ensure thorough understanding of the material. Finally, participants sign and submit two copies of a Certifying Statement -- valuable documentation of each participant’s completion of this comprehensive self-study training program.

    Easy To Use & Administer
    Antitrust Untangled is easy to use and administer throughout a corporation -- even those with many locations or a dispersed sales force. It offers an inexpensive, efficient, and effective means of assuring that everyone is informed, while enabling the company to take a proactive position in antitrust compliance awareness training.

    Authoritative & Up-To-Date
    Antitrust Untangled is up-to-date, consistent with the latest and most authoritative legal opinions. This newest edition has been fully reviewed and extensively updated.

    Affordable & Also Customizable To Your Organization
    Antitrust Untangled is a very affordable solution, and is available for purchase for user distribution. Significant volume purchase discounts are available, which can enable you to distribute a copy of this comprehensive program to everyone throughout your enterprise who needs it. Licensing terms and extensive content customizations options exist as well, including custom-printed versions of the printed workbook that can include your company’s logo, an introductory message from Management or your Legal Department, and/or additional policies that pertain to your specific organization or industry that you want your people to receive as an integrated whole. Please inquire to discuss specifics.

    Click below to access an excerpt of this program for preview evaluation (.pdf).
    Antitrust Untangled - Excerpt (Adobe .PDF file)

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