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Disaster Recovery/Business Resumption


This best-selling classic is an indispensable, enterprise-wide introduction to disaster recovery/business resumption planning and preparedness.

Training Topics:

  • Planning for business resumption
  • Emergency Response Team
  • Up-to-date directory of key personnel and resources
  • Contingency computer capability — off-site backups
  • Priorities for recovery
  • Reclamation of documents, computer files, software
  • Fire drills to test and troubleshoot the plan
  • Security during cleanup
  • Relations with the news media
  • Customer relations
  • Safety and preventive measures

    This engaging introduction to disaster recovery/business resumption preparedness dramatically shows that proper planning can mean the difference between ‘life or death” for a business, government agency, or other institution. The program illustrates for all employees at every level how important business continuity preparedness is to their jobs and their futures, and how their roles fit into the overall business continuity planning picture. Covers “everyday” emergencies (power failure, water damage, etc.) as well as major disasters.

    The story: a localized power outage sparks a flash of flame and a business almost goes up in smoke. It's not a “major” disaster at first, but for weeks access to facilities and records is barred and the business is homeless. The organization survives only due to frantic improvising by its staff, running operations via cell phones and renting temporary quarters in a BINGO hall. Viewers see the mistakes made…and the steps taken to avoid a repeat occurrence. The program dramatically demonstrates the need for proper and effective business continuity planning, as well as the cost of not being prepared: unrecoverable records, outraged customers, closed facilities, and millions of dollars of losses.

    Individual Price: $695.00
    [Please inquire for multiple-title discounts, volume purchase discounts, government discounts, network license terms, and e-learning license terms.]

    Item#: 3007

    Running Time: 26 Minutes

    Languages: English, Japanese (VHS sale only)

    Closed Captioning: Yes

    Ancillary Materials: Printed Study Guide

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