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Using The Internet And Email At Work


  • Also part of the Information/Computer Security Video Library

    Seven based-on-fact stories of Internet misuse dramatize the message that it's imperitative for employees using the Internet and email on the job to get "net-smart" about Internet use during work hours.

    Training Topics:

  • Monitoring Internet Use: employer's legal right to monitor all activity on any Internet access it provides - no guarantee of privacy for employees' e-mail or Internet activity.
  • Personal Use: Internet access at work…a business connection. Some personal Internet use is usually permitted by some employers; but excessive personal use may result in restrictions on use, discipline, dismissal.
  • Logging on, goofing off: no place on the job for people who log on to play games, manage fantasy-athletic-teams, follow sports results, tune in to entertainment.
  • Sites that are "off limits" at work: sites that offer sexual material that defame race, gender, religion, politics, classes of people or individuals or sites that contain reckless, malicious writing, threats, or plans to break the law.
  • How to respond to a message with an attachment or links to offensive sites.
  • Flooding workplace systems: activity that may flood or disable networks: animated graphic files, video clips, games, movies, photo albums, streaming media, on-line music and entertainment, news or sports events, chain letters, joke lists, etc..
  • Information Security: care with what is said online, who it's sent to, and who else might be tuning in — News groups, bulletin boards, chat rooms, e-mail; encryption; how to handle documents and executable files attached to messages from unknown outsiders.
  • Time submitted for billing as work-hours, but actually spent on personal Internet use, may constitute time-card fraud.
  • Web-based-activity for an outside business entity are not to be conducted on the job.
  • Illegal activity: identity theft; copyright infringement; Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

    Seven stories are based on real cases: Stephanie is online half the day every day…shopping, surfing, messaging with friends; Dave spends so many work hours playing an Internet game, he becomes an international "grand master"; Carol swamps her system with an emailed party video; Linda operates her own web-based business from her office desktop; Frank surfs adult sites and hate sites and circulates obnoxious material; Annette leaks confidential information to an online industry forum group; And Harry? Who knows what he's doing, but whatever it is, it's being turned over to the proper authorities.

    In the words of the program’s narrator: "If this is the Internet at work, when does the work get done?"

    Individual Price: $695.00
    [Please inquire for multiple-title discounts, volume purchase discounts, government discounts, network license terms, and e-learning license terms.]

    Item#: 1060

    Running Time: 22 Minutes

    Languages: English, French (VHS sale only), German (VHS sale only), Italian (VHS sale only), Spanish (VHS sale only)

    Closed Captioning: Yes

    Ancillary Materials: Printed Study Guide

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