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Stolen Access
Keeping Information Secure


  • Also part of the Information/Computer Security Video Library

    Helps your people to understand their shared responsibility in helping to defend against system infiltrators. Raises awareness of social engineering, industrial espionage, wireless security, and more.

    Training Topics:
    “Social Engineering” and hacker attacks—knowing when
    you’re “being had:”

  • What is “social engineering
  • Pretext phone calls: a voice at the other end of the line could be anyone
  • An email message could come from anywhere
  • Warning signs that you could be a target of “social engineering”
  • How to handle unusual or suspicious calls

    Information security off-site:

  • Conversations in public places and away from the office

    Password protection: your first line of defense

  • Creating passwords—dos and don’t’s
  • Password selection—making passwords hard to guess
  • Random-character passwords—how to make them memorable
  • Vulnerability to password-scanning software—how long it takes to crack a weak password

    Stolen access via email:

  • Email, websites, or online forms that ask for access information
  • responding to unfamiliar or unusual messages
  • Reporting unusual or suspicious incidents immediately

    Is your workplace secure? Practical security steps:

  • Log off when you leave your workstation
  • Never write down your passwords
  • Secure sensitive documents and media
  • Never leave documents unattended on desks, fax machines, copiers
  • Dispose of sensitive originals and copies properly

    Public wireless access:

  • Awareness of risks
  • Compliance with established enterprise guidelines from IT

    Social engineers trick unsuspecting employees into revealing sensitive and confidential information over the phone, via e-mail, and in public. This video dramatically illustrates the threats from information thieves, hackers, and industrial espionage agents, and offers practical tips on preventing information loss.

    Individual Price: $695.00
    [Please inquire for multiple-title discounts, volume purchase discounts, government discounts, network license terms, and e-learning license terms.]

    Item#: 3028

    Running Time: 16 Minutes

    Languages: English

    Closed Captioning: Yes

    Ancillary Materials: Printed Study Guide

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